People's portraits in black and white

I like people. I like looking at people, talking to people and getting to know them. Most of all I like having people in front of my camera and being able to build a relationship with them in the short space of a photo shoot.

I like capturing little moments, gestures or expressions that make people unique. The absence of color and the grey background unify them all, as if they were shot in the same space and moment.


Photography and pretty things

Born and raised in Bassano del Grappa, my suitcase is always packed. I like individuals, I'm scared of people. I eat all my broccoli.
There are few things I wouldn't do to get the photo I have in mind, but I've never accidentally killed anyone (yet).
I love to collaborate with people who are passionate about what they do, even when it has little to do with photography.
I like to share what I know but I don't do other people's homework. I sleep too little. I take pictures.

Among others, I've had the pleasure to work with:
De Agostini, Canon, Nokia, Samsung, Ubisoft, Radio Company, Astor Hotel, Aria Magazine, Manfrotto, Progetto 2501, Digital Camera Magazine, Pig, Digital Life Style, Foto cult, Trip magazine



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Tel:+39 0424 1905 36 60

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