Behind the portrait Seminar

SATURDAY 04-25-2015 - 09:00 AM
SATURDAY 05-16-2015 - 09:00 AM

Pressing the shutter is just a small part of a complex process that happens each time you get a person in front of your camera.

The technical aspects of portrait photography can be learnt pretty quickly, but what most people find overwhelming about shooting people is everything that can’t be controlled with a knob or a switch: hopefully you won’t be one of those people any more, at the end of this 4 hours long seminar.

It starts with finding the right subjects to shoot and convincing them to take part in some weird scenario you have in mind: how do you communicate your ideas in a way that makes people thrilled to be shot by you? How do you make sure they show up and leave happy and excited? How do you take control of your set, pose your subjects in a way that flatters them without looking forced? How do you deal with the unexpected and still bring home your shot? How do you connect with your model and get them to emote in front of your camera? How do you get rid of the “standard photo face” people seem to make as soon as they see a camera?
These are just some of the aspects we’ll cover, along with model releases, finding creative inspiration and using self-portraiture as valuable tool to practice new techniques, but also as a way to experience how it feels to be on the scary side of a lens.

It can be challenging, awkward, uncomfortable, but also extremely fun.