This one day workshop is all about building your portrait: how to deal with your subject and find ways to make them your active partner in building your image, how to start from a concept and develop it into a finished image, how to use light to narrate a story.

We will start by looking at finished images and then we’ll demo some of the concepts we talk about in class.

We will talk about ways to use what’s available around you to produce something unexpected and personal.

We will end the morning by working through a small number of post production techniques to take your images to the next level. We will cover skin retouching techniques as well as compositing and some tips and tricks on how to deal with elements you couldn’t take care of during the shooting stage.

In the afternoon, it will be your turn to step into the arena. You won’t be shooting behind the instructor’s shoulder and go home with the exact same image every other student took. Students will be asked to shoot individually with the model following a brief, for a set amount of time.
You’ll be able to work with artificial light as well as natural light.